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A Business Response to the Mayor’s Transport Vision

This week saw another day of pollution alerts and the continued outcry at the loss of Uber’s taxi license.

Transport is all over the news and it’s clear that the Mayor of London needs to make some big decisions.

This is why Team London Bridge has brought together 15 other central London BIDs to form a joint response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS). Through unity comes strength, and we can ensure that the voices of over 5,000 businesses across Central London are heard - from Paddington to Victoria, from the West End to London Bridge.

The MTS sets out a vision for the next 25 years. Overall, the BIDs are strongly supportive of the vision, including emphases on reducing motor traffic, tackling poor air quality, and improving walking and cycling through an approach to ‘Healthy Streets’

The BIDs are very supportive of the target for 80% of all trips to be by walking, cycling and public transport (currently 64%). But actually, in Central London, we are surely already at that level – just look at Tooley Street every morning - so we would like to go further. Transport investment is also about the quality of public realm – we would like to see context specific design and visual amenity to support great placeshaping and high footfall.

We would like a review of the sheer volume of vehicles in Central London – whether buses, taxis and coaches and freight. The ‘hopper’ fare has changed the way people can use buses. Consolidation centres can help reduce freight and ‘click and collect’ centres can reduce the growing impact of personal deliveries.

Zero emission vehicles for buses and taxis are a must – and we’d like a new fleet within the next Mayoral term.

We agree a new road pricing scheme, with differential charges for different types of traffic and at different times of day, could help deliver a lot of the aims. And applying a ‘Healthy Streets’ approach to decision making can help create the safe, attractive and clean environment that is vital for the long-term business success of Central London.

At London Bridge we are working hard with our partners to create a distinctive and unique environment around a world class station. A supportive policy framework will help pave the way.

To make your own response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, click here (deadline 2 October).

The draft of Central London BID joint response is here.
 Map showing the areas covered by the BIDs endorsing this joint response (not including Cheapside)
28 September 2017

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