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A Statement from Team London Bridge
Only two weeks on from the tragic events of 3 June, the London Bridge area is doing what it does best. Not just getting on with business, but showing the rest of the UK how to do it. No one with an affinity to the area will ever forget that night, nor the resolute reaction from the local community.
There have been so many outstanding responses from individuals, organisations and businesses that it would be impossible to detail them all here; suffice to say that the community around London Bridge, Borough and Bankside has never been stronger and have had a bold yet compassionate approach to the situations we have faced.

One thing has been clear throughout; people wanted to get back to their normal routines as quickly as possible. This will be harder for some than others, but Team London Bridge has this week returned to our usual role of celebrating and promoting the area, and have resumed our events programme. Our London Bridge Open Kitchen event goes ahead as planned 28 June.

There is still much work to be done to thank those who looked after those there that night, and to make sure people affected have trained people to talk to should they need it. Not to mention ensuring businesses within the Policed cordon, some of whom were closed for 10 days or more, are supported and don’t suffer long term damage.

The Love Borough relief fund has been set up to help those individuals and businesses who have suffered financial losses as a result of the temporary closure of the Borough Market area.

In addition, Saturday 1st July will see some of the local pubs, bars and attractions hosting the We Love London Bridge Open Day. There will be promotions and entertainment in all participating venues, and discounted entrance to attractions such as The London Bridge Experience and The Clink. They will be welcoming in emergency service and NHS staff who were on duty in London Bridge that weekend and giving them a little thank you.

And it’s not always as simple as returning to ‘business as usual’. Whether or not you were actually there on the night of 3 June, the events that took place may have a residual affect that weren’t immediately obvious.  The Home Office offers links to a range of well-being and safety services and Southwark Council has a webpage of useful contacts for people who might want to talk to someone.

If you wish to help victims of the terror attack directly, the British Red Cross has launched the UK Solidarity Fund to help the victims of terror anywhere in the UK.

Southwark Council has been instrumental in helping the community deal with the aftermath of 3 June and we will be working with them and all our partners to see what lessons can be learnt in dealing with such a major incident.  

Nadia Broccardo
Chief Executive, Team London Bridge 
21 June 2017

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The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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