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Our Low Emissions Mission

Team London Bridge is celebrating the award of joint funding with our BID neighbours Better Bankside, from the Greater London Authority as part of the Mayor’s aim to work with businesses to tackle poor air quality.

We can now push forward on the delivery of the ‘Borough High Street Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN)’ – a working title – which will aim to reduce the impact of poor air quality around the major junction along Borough High Street with Duke Street Hill, St Thomas Street and Southwark Street, and reduce emissions caused locally.  

Indicative design. Improvements to Stoney Street, creating an entrance to the low emission routes. 
The project will fund public realm interventions that encourage people to make better use of the routes which have less traffic and pollution; particularly the Thames path, the Low Line (railway arches), the Yards linking the high street into Guy’s and King’s and the new quietway (Newcomen street and Union Street). Projects, which are still in the  planning phase, include green walls, new Fresh Air Squares and colourful graphic crossing points.

This project follows work with several London Bridge businesses to reduce their deliveries and freight, in turn limiting the conflict between delivery vehicles and pedestrians and replacing less efficient vehicles with models that are less damaging to the environment. 

Local businesses have already made an impact:  

Network Rail - outlets are beginning to share suppliers. Deliveries are discouraged during peak pedestrian times

City Hall - reduced stationery deliveries by 50%

The Shard - enabling more staff to use their secure cycling storage. Turning away deliveries that are not booked in.

King's College - have introduced four electric vehicles to complete maintenance work across its campuses.

EY - giving staff clearer options about personal deliveries by distributing this Click & Collect flyer to staff. 

Reducing traffic through Personal Deliveries

Astonishingly, personal deliveries are the reason for up to 60% of deliveries in central London – even more so at Christmas. Getting these deliveries made closer to home can help you and your business in several ways:

  • You don’t have to carry bulky items home.
  • Personal deliveries cost time in the office (in bigger offices, temporary members of staff are hired specifically to deal with them).
  • Fewer deliveries will improve the air that you breathe!

Visit- https://clickcollect.london/ - to discover how you can arrange for your package to be dropped off near your home.


Getting involved

We'd love to hear about your positive experience of personal deliveries, reducing freight or moving to cleaner vehicles. We want to highlight best practice.

Contact jack@teamlondonbridge.co.uk, Placeshaping Director at TLB for more information about getting involved in the LEN. We want to know your challenges so we can help find useful common solutions.


28 November 2017

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London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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