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The London Bridge Vision in the New Southwark Plan

One of the reasons that London Bridge businesses decided to set up a Business Improvement District (BID) was to create a vibrant, welcoming trading environment that pioneers modern approaches to place management while keeping a respectful eye on the area’s heritage.
To achieve this, Team London Bridge’s placeshaping efforts are focused on responding to important Southwark policies, which will help define London Bridge’s buildings, spaces and streets of the future:
The London Bridge Vision in the New Southwark Plan

An Area Vision has been created for London Bridge within the draft New Southwark Plan, currently out for public consultation. This vision has been largely based on the London Bridge Plan, the document that Team London Bridge brought out in 2016 on the back of considerable consultation with our commercial, residential and visitor communities.

The Southwark Plan is the main document informing planning decisions, and it will shape future development of the area – at least over the next ten years. The general policies for the Southwark Plan were consulted upon in 2016, and we submitted a full response - view here. General policies included: commercial development and tall buildings would be focused within the Central Activities Zone (CAZ); development should show consideration for historic settings; and the Low Line concept (the railway arches) was introduced into planning policy.

This Area Vision is focused just on London Bridge, detailing some of the key development sites. It states that development should enhance our status as a globally significant business district, a place of cultural institutions, a growing transport interchange, a burgeoning health cluster and food destination, and a place of unique character and history. New buildings should be of high quality, with innovation, greenery and sustainability built in from the start, and they should positively respond to the history of the area – for example the network of alleys and yards.

Team London Bridge will be commenting on the London Bridge Area Vision by 28 April. 
To ensure our community feeds in to our response we will be running a public event in our exciting new office space – the London Bridge Hive. Due to limited size, you will have to book your space to get in. Book here. 
Thursday 20 April 5.30 to 7.30pm

Southwark Kerbside Strategy

Team London Bridge is at the forefront of evolving ideas of the role of the kerbside. We all know that parking a private vehicle has dominated this privileged space. But, now the kerbside is becoming more contested. Our urban spaces must adapt to support healthy, clean and safe places that promote walking, cycling and vibrant street activity. Places are in competition to attract the best staff and visitors from across the world. 

There is no better example of kerbside innovation  than our Fresh Air Square that until recently took over two parking spaces on Tooley Street (we now have three installations - one red, one orange and one yellow – though none are currently taking over parking bays). This has been an inspiration locally, nationally and internationally.

This recent Bloomerg article highlights how Team London Bridge and other business communities are delivering this agenda.

At Team London Bridge, we have a responsibility to ensure our streets are active and enjoyable for the multiple audiences we want to attract to the area. We would like to see a greater variety of uses on the kerbside: to encourage our business community to sit for their lunch; to slow traffic and make streets safer; to enhance the streetscape for our many visitors; and to offer cycle parking (that doesn’t clutter our busy footways) or charging points for the growth of electric - non-polluting - vehicles.

Other issues that the new kerbside strategy responds to are:

  • the need to prioritise highway safety and reduce traffic collisions
  • public health and air quality
  • managing parking stress
  • encouraging more walking and cycling
  • responding to a fast growing and ageing population
  • supporting local economic activity
  • and a need to future proof our streets against climate change  

Watch the animation to learn more about The Kerbside Strategy.

We hope that Southwark Council was inspired by the success of the Fresh Air Square, which was, after all, right on their doorstep.  We will be responding to this consultation, and hope to see more innovative measures bringing a wider variety of uses to our streets. If you have any thoughts, respond to the consultation by 28 April or send us your thoughts.

For further information contact  Jack Skillen - Placeshaping Director 

22 March 2017

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London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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